Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reflections: Encouragement

We always accomplish a great number of things on our mission trips to Arizona. In some years that has included large projects such as building decks, completely demolishing trailers, graveling entire roads, and resurfacing gym floors. In recent years, one of the most powerful things that our team has been able to do is to encourage our long-term missionary friends.

We are able to come into their territory with fresh energy and perspective and see the impact they are having on a daily basis. Part of our great joy is to make sure they know how much they appreciate them and what they are doing to change lives. It can be lonely on the mission field as you endure tough circumstances, unexpected loss, and seemingly hopeless situations. Our goal is to remind our friends that they are not alone and that what seems mundane and routine is making a substantial difference. We might be separated by miles, but we are all in this together. I am grateful for the chance to lift the spirits of good friends, but even more grateful for their obedient sacrifice and commitment to serving others.

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