Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First Position

I first discovered Stovall Weems when I read his book, Awakening, and was challenged in
unexpected ways. When I found out that he had written another book I was eager to read it and hoped to be pushed spiritually and mentally once again. After finishing, I can easily say that I was not disappointed by his latest book, The God First Life. I found myself underlining multiple passages and writing notes in the margins as his words stirred my thoughts and spirit. Stovall has a way of writing that presents things that I already know to be true, but they are phrased in a way that often causes me to murmur in verbal agreement as I read. It's a solid, spirit-filled presentation of fundamental truths that reminded me of where my focus should be centered-on God alone.

Stovall begins his book by adding two simple words to a common phrase, "your life, God's way." It's the addition of these words that challenges our allegiance and directs our hearts to seek God above all else. These flow out of Matthew 6:33 and the command from Jesus to seek the kingdom of God before we seek anything else. This is the most essential directive from Christ and the foundation of the book-nothing should be in the highest priority except for God himself.

The book proceeds to take the reader through the fundamental parts of the life of a devoted Christ-follower. Stovall carefully takes the reader through a pathway of deeper devotion and discipleship that is all centered on God. It all makes sense and yet is presented in a way that stimulates thought in new ways. None of this is a brand-new revelation, yet it still pushes me to think carefully about my own pathway of growth in Christ.

I would feel extremely comfortable recommending this book to new believers as well as the more seasoned Christ follower. It's an excellent guide for initial discovery and an impetus for mid-faith growth and refocus. We all need the reminder to make sure that each part of our faith is centered on seeking God above all other things. 

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