Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Territory

Our oldest daughter has been invited to prom this coming Friday and the past week has been filled with planning, shopping (dress, shoes, accessories, oh my) and conversations. We have great friends who were able to make the dress shopping much easier than it should have been. We are genuinely glad for Lindsay and this opportunity to go to prom. I should probably admit that it's also her first real date. Needless to say, it's a lot of firsts in one week and a reminder that our ladies are not so little any more.

We were shopping for her shoes today and it took a while to find something that she liked, that fit our budget, and were able to be worn again. I love my girls' unique tastes and personality and knew it would take a while to find the right fit. My Lindsay is so sweet that she apologized to me while we were paying for taking so long. I immediately told her that there was nothing wrong about this at all. We were all new to this whole process and it was good for us to learn and experience it together.

That's a fairly accurate description of parenting right there. Every day we keep entering into new territory, but we get to do it together. We are walking this path as parents and children while we learn together. We show each other patience, offer forgiveness, keep talking honestly and openly with each other, and spend a large amount of time in prayer. It's a newness that excites me and also scares me a bit. I don't have all of the answers, but we'll do this together in love and I feel pretty good about us growing in unity along the way.

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