Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bigger Picture

I keep feeling that there is something more than what I see and experience. Even the simple pleasures of family, friends, and faith have a deeper component to them that brings me great joy when I catch a glimpse. It's hard for me to fully describe, but it's a taste of the bigger picture God is painting for us. It's the touch of deep love, the urging to be part of social justice movements, the upwelling of deep emotion in worship, and an innate desire to make a substantial difference in another's life. It's a deep current of meaning that runs underneath everything we do, think, and feel. 

I sense it more in some times than others. I believe it's always there, but my grasp of it fades as I get distracted. Most of us recognize there is more to this life than we see, but we end up ignoring it over time. Do we stop believing in this mystery because we don't understand it? Do we lose touch with it because we don't want to see God working in every part of our life? 

Our life is less than fulfilled when we ignore the hidden beauty God is trying to show us. The deeper themes are there for us to tap into if we are willing to see what He is doing.

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