Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top Reads #3: The Hardest Task

I am out in Arizona on a mission trip and have chosen to highlight the most-read posts from this past calendar year while I am gone. Check out the previously posted blog below.

I've had several different jobs in my life ranging from outdoor maintenance to fast food, telemarketer, professional theater, caterer, waiter, manager, teacher, athletic trainer, and pastor. They all have had their inherent challenges and levels of difficulty. i honestly say however, that the most challenging thing I have ever undertaken is the role of a parent.

Nothing stretches my prayer life more, reorients my thinking, or teaches me patience like being a father.There is a constant balance between my initial reaction and what is actually best for our kids. I carefully consider my responses to new circumstances as I think of what is best for them and what I should do to help prepare them for their future. We are striving to teach them the better way to make personal life choices and to carefully consider where the path they choose will lead them.

I do worry about them and not because they are "bad children." I worry like any other parent would about the influences that will be around them and the constant questions that I ask of myself: did we do the right things in raising them to prepare them for this world? Did we show them enough of the beauty of the world around them that they can see all the wonder there is to experience? Did we give them enough confidence to be who God has created them to be? Will the hold fast to their upbringing in Christ and deny the influence of those that would pull them off of this path? Through our flawed parenting and many (many) mistakes have we done the best we can to set them up for God's preferred future for them?

I can't completely answer those questions. I do know that my wife & I trust that God will fill the gap between our hopes & the reality of what we have done. It's the best we can do as parents.

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