Monday, April 21, 2014

What I Want

I have ridden the changing weight roller coaster most of my adult life. I have allowed my weight to balloon to close to 260 lbs. and been in good enough shape to be 218 solid lbs. as well. I really would like to be more consistent and not wait until I am completely fed up with my current state before I do something about it. Sadly, it really comes down to me wanting change, but not wanting it enough to put in the consistent work to make it happen.

How true is this for us in the rest of our lives? We want improved relationships, but aren't willing to make the emotional investment. We desire financial stability, but not the hard work of saving & increasing earning potential. We recognize character flaws and personal weaknesses, but aren't willing to take the difficult steps of personal transformation. We would like to be a more committed Christ follower, but are afraid to take risks of faith to grow.

Identifying our areas of needed change isn't nearly as difficult as taking the first steps towards making it happen. If we aren't willing to work, nothing will ever change.

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