Sunday, April 6, 2014

Perfectly Suited

Each year that we have traveled to Arizona is unique in our experiences and the team we take with us. There are certain things that groups have been able to accomplish that would have been impossible for another team to finish. This experience has taught me to never question the group that chooses to go, but to instead look forward to what God will do in and through this particular team. I have found that each year we are able to accomplish exactly what we were brought together to do. Each interaction, act of encouragement, work project, and prayer is fulfilled by the people that needed to be there to make it happen. It's proof that when we open ourselves to what God is willing to do through our individual personality's and gifts we will never be disappointed at what we accomplish.

This is the reason that I confidently say that each special group is perfectly suited for what we needed to do. I am grateful for our team this year and their willingness to be the perfect solution God asked us to be.

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