Friday, December 6, 2013

Wanting More

I long for more--not just material things, but a life that is greater than what I am currently living. This is a reflection of the fact that I am not meant for this world, but that I am intended to think of eternity and the spiritual side of my nature. I also recognize that this is a characteristic of a visionary leader who wants his life to be a catalyst for transformation and growth.

This passion for increase is a key part of my dreams for all parts of my life. I want to increase my impact on my children and help shape their future while guiding them to make better decisions. I want to be a better man that influences other men and inspires people to pursue God's deliverance and hope for their lives. I want to lead a church that is so vital to the health of the overall community that society wouldn't be the same if that church no longer existed. I aspire to this as a natural part of who I am, but also from the impact of other godly role models.

The influence of other visionary men inspires me to rise above my own circumstances and be more than I think is possible. Their life example leads me to not settle for the cliche patterns of typical manhood that are easy to fall into. These great men encourage me to not let my base emotions and desires drive me, but to aspire to a stable, Spirit-guided state. It brings me to dream of the possibility of great things and then work to see them become a reality. 

This passion for more can be the driving force that leads men to seek a grander vision and fulfill the calling this brings on our lives.

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