Thursday, December 26, 2013

Out of a Rut

I am a man of routines. There are certain ways that I like to do things and specific habits that are important to me. Most of it centers around the way that I do simple day-to-day things, but there are also other routines that bring stability to the way that I process and plan.

As important as these routines are to me I have also found that I need to change things up on a regular basis. It stimulates me to look at things in a different light and at an adjusted pace. When I only stay in the rut of routine my personal meditation time can become dry and rote. I can continue to do the right things, but they lack the vitality that is necessary to see the greatest impact. I know this is true for me and need to remind myself to shake it up to find the balance of regular rhythm & unique approach.

It's the pairing of discipline with creativity that allows me to find the best productivity and enjoyment.

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