Monday, December 16, 2013

Incomplete Effort

Last night in the NFL (don't leave non-sports fans--it will be relevant for you in a moment) the Dallas Cowboys lost a game after leading by 20 points at halftime. It was a demoralizing loss that that derailed their positive momentum and leaves them with a bleak outlook on the rest of the season. One of their top players, Dez Bryant, said when asked about their loss, "We fought, but we didn't finish."

How often can that be said about us? When have we worked at an aspect of our lives, but then given up before we completed the job? Where do we fall short due to lack of follow through? This is a common characteristic of human nature. It's why we need constant reminders to strive for the finish line, to persevere through adversity, and follow through on our commitments. It's not enough just to fight for what we believe in. We've got to keep pushing forward until it's complete. 

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