Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Payoff Time

How are you preparing for the next level?

Michael Thomas is a safety for the Miami Dolphins who just joined the team in the last 10 days. He has always been a practice squad player (for non-sports fans this means that he never got to play on Sundays, but helped prepare by being part of a scout team) in the NFL and had never made an active roster. Michael got a call last week on Monday that the Dolphins wanted to sign him, flew cross country to join the team, and spent the rest of the week studying the playbook in anticipation of Sunday. As these stories tend to go, he saved the game for his new team twice in the last minute & sealed it with his 1st career interception. Whether you are an avid sports fan or not, it's a great story of someone stepping up when they were finally given the opportunity.

What will you do when you get your chance? How are you preparing now to be ready when that opportunity comes? It doesn't matter if it's in a relationship, a career advancement, a financial opportunity, or the chance to do something with significant impact. The moment won't reveal itself if you're not faithfully laying the groundwork long before it arrives. Those who are prepared are more aware of that special moment and ready to take action when it counts. 

Preparation combined with opportunity breeds success. 

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