Tuesday, December 24, 2013


What we celebrate today went unnoticed by many when it happened. There were a few people who were privileged enough to recognize how special the birth of the Christ-child was. Sadly, the multitudes were not even aware how significant that day was for them personally. 

They were people desperate for relief from their circumstances and searching for validation for their beliefs. They were people who were unsure about their future and wondering what God had to say to them. These people were struggling to maintain their daily existence and praying that there was something more than just this life here to grab onto. What they needed is what God delivered--hope. Hope for forgiveness, hope  a grander purpose, hope for impact, and hope for joy were all revealed in the birth of one child. It was missed because it came from an unlikely place, to an unlikely couple, on an unlikely night. 

The gift is the same for us as is the danger of missing it. Look for God's on-time, yet unexpected hope this Christmas. Be ready to receive it even if it comes in a way you didn't anticipate and be grateful for the gift-giver of life.

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