Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Memory

I don't like to qualify the holiday experiences by saying that one was better than the other. I believe that each celebration has its own merit and specific place in my memory banks. I can reflect back with great fondness on Christmas mornings with our very little girls awake at the break of dawn to open gifts. I remember the excitement in their eyes over the toys they couldn't believe they received. Bits and pieces of different years even flow together as I recall special trips, fantastic meals, and times together. This year already holds its own place in my thoughts as we shared a very special gift with each of our girls that reflected exactly how special we believe them to be. I sit here perfectly content at the end of another great Christmas day, not elevating one above the other, but reveling in joy of one more day together as a family. All of them are important and special and I am grateful for the place this one will hold in my heart as well.

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