Monday, December 9, 2013

Sweet 16

Our oldest girl turns 16 years old today. As the oldest, she has always exhibited a different maturity than her sisters, but this is still a monumental level in her life. Up close she honestly doesn't seem that different from who she was yesterday, but if I take a bigger step backwards I can see how greatly she has changed even in the last year.

She has always had her own unique style and now she is even more secure in that as her personal confidence grows. Lindsay is starting to think more about her future and is working to define what she wants to be included in that and what she most definitely wants to avoid. The sweetest part for me are the conversations we share about her future in God and her thoughts on what matters most. Her devotion to Him is increasing as He continues to lead her forward and I can see how she is being shaped by her faith. While she still needs us as her parents that role is changing as we pray more fervently and try to guide her to what is right by challenging her to use her own cognitive processes to choose wisely. I love how well she listens and is willing to offer her own insights. Her unflappable nature and willingness to engage those on the fringe will continue to be honed by God as He shapes her for the future.

Happy birthday my Lindsay-Lou. We couldn't be more proud of the young woman you have become.

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