Thursday, August 8, 2013


In my different areas of calling (restaurant, teacher, athletics, ministry) I have noticed a common theme in most people that I interact with--they possess an innate desire to be better. I think that it exists in all of us,
but some people simply choose to ignore it. When it grips us we find ourselves torn between the reality of our current state and an ideal that we are striving to live up to. It can be an ambition for personal/group success, the drive to be a stronger leader, or an overwhelming passion for becoming a better parent and spouse. It can be measured in sales and income, athletic records and championships, relationships with other people and transformation in demeanor and expressions of personality.

The dividing line of success and failure is found in those that refuse to overlook this inner tension, but are willing to create patterns of life change that appease this hunger. Conquerors of mediocrity will seek the counsel and accountability of others to help them through the process of transformation while being actively involved in personal, disciplined behavioral changes. 

Addressing the desire for improvement is merely an appetizer to the main course of diligent, directed faithfulness that facilitates growth.

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