Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Position Change

Depending on what level of athletics you are competing in, it can be tough to switch from one position to another. If the two are somewhat related it is easier, but several factors affect the difficulty. An increased level of competition, the length of time you have played your original position, the difference in necessary skills, and the amount of time for transition can all contribute to an uncomfortable change. It's best to prepare for this adjustment by being as flexible as possible, having the willingness to invest in the change, and persevering through the transformation to find success.

While an athletic position switch might not be on the horizon, God is most certainly working in us for change. Our success will depend on how we answer a few questions:
  • How are you positioning yourself to see the calling that God has on your life? 
  • What areas do you recognize that you need to grow in?
  • Are you willing to be humble enough to see your areas of needed growth?
  • Where is your devotion increasing? 
  • What are you asking God to reveal to you as you look to the future?

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