Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dream On

Remember the excitement of the dream that we used to have for our lives? 
  • That overwhelming feeling when we first fell in love?
  • The energetic sense of purpose when we discovered our passion?
  • The wide-eyed enthusiasm when we were first called into ministry?
  • The fire of renewal when we were baptized into Christ?
In those early moments we thought we could change the world. Even if the ideals set before us seemed bigger than we thought possible, they excited us. Sadly, our grandiose visions faded in the light of daily routine, disappointing life choices, and uninspiring results. Far too many of us become jaded and cynical of that type of enthusiasm and even ended up dousing the fiery dreams of others in the process.

How do we recapture this passionate motivation? The process of growth means that newness will wear off and we'll have to be fueled by something more than initial uniqueness. The key is in not fooling ourselves into thinking that our own strength is the backbone of our relationships and endeavors. When we take our eyes off of our miraculous God and fix them on our mundane circumstances, we're guaranteed to fall short of our own expectations. It's our fault that we have lulled ourselves into a dreamless sleep. 

Shifting our vision back to God's never ending energy and divinity will restore our excitement for each part of our calling. His sovereign plan and loving supply of vision and energy will surpass all that we can imagine to begin with.

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