Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keep Watering

We put sod down at Northridge around the sides of the expanded children's wings about ten days ago. We have also had the wettest summer since our arrival in Georgia with great amounts of rainfall. Naturally, the rain has now ceased since we put the grass down and I am concerned for its survival. That has led to a repetitive pattern of watering, moving the sprinklers, and watering again. I truly didn't think it was going to make it, but we are slowly starting to see shoots of green that give me hope. Of course the watering will have to continue--a few sprigs of green grass doesn't give us clearance to stop doing what's necessary for growth.

Unfortunately we often take that approach in our relationships. Things can become dry spiritually and emotionally so we start doing the things that we know will make it better. Once we see signs of correction and healing we assume that it's going to be okay and stop doing those positive steps. It doesn't take long for things to dry up again and the relationship emergency to return at full strength. Diligent, faithful efforts will bring results that have deep roots and are able to withstand the changing climates that are certain to affect us. We have to be willing to nurture the important relationships in our life with God and other people for sustainability and health.

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