Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loose Connection

It's easy to get frustrated when we feel that we aren't getting an answer to our prayers. We've continually asked God for a solution to a problem or for divine wisdom and are left empty-handed. A very wise friend of mine (Tony Fraley, a lead pastor at another local church) shared his thoughts on that today over lunch. He said that if we continue to pray and feel that nothing is happening, it might be time for a self-evaluation. He likened it to having a battery problem in your car. If you know you have a brand-new battery and you still aren't able to start your car you might want to check your cables. When your battery cables work themselves loose they'll start to corrode and even though your power source is good you won't go anywhere.

When you have faith you have no doubt that your power source is good, so if we consistently find that we're not connecting we'll need to check ourselves. The pace of life sometimes shakes us loose from the truth and we find that the corrosion built up from unconfessed sin, refusing to offer forgiveness, and deliberate sin inhibit a genuine interaction with God. It's a guaranteed fact that He's never the problem, but we can be. It might be a good habit to check ourselves regularly to make sure we aren't doing anything to interfere with our connection to Him.

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