Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The "T" Word

Trust is a precious commodity. It is essential for healthy relationships, takes years to build up, and can be lost in a few moments. We struggle with intimacy when we don't share in that trust with other people and will lack depth in our relationship with God as a result. The lack of trust damages marriages, alienates children from parents, builds walls of resistance between friends & co-workers, and insulates us from meaningful contact. This dearth of trust means that we hide what we truly feel and are unwilling to be transparent. Our pride (and history) set up barriers that prevent the genuine expression of human struggle and prevent us from grasping  what's most important for all of us--grace. 

That's the key to trust--the ability to believe enough in God's grace and that He offers it to us even though we don't deserve it. Our disbelief in this premise not only prevents us from fully engaging in God's gift, but keeps us from coming alongside others and being authentic in our journey of faith.

We're here in this together and nothing will change that. Let's start building trust with each other so we can get to the bigger picture of God's grace for everyone. That's the message that will transform our communities.

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