Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life to Life

One of my goals for 2013 is to spend more time investing & sharing in the lives of other people. The demands of ministry can make it easy to spend most of my time in my office writing and studying. My intellect is stimulated by reading and writing, but it leaves part of my personality lacking. There is a part of me that finds completion in mentoring and sharing life with peers and I feel it gets lost too often in the shuffle.

When I was in ministry in Florida, I had struck a better balance between the quiet, studious part of my gifting and the outgoing, people-driven portion. It usually ended up with me visiting one of our local Starbucks for extended periods of time (which is positive in many ways.) I'm still working to maintain that balance here, but have started to schedule more time outside the church walls. It's not just important to me for my own goals, but is a reflection of what ministry is really supposed to value. It reflects my commitment to investing in the lives of the people I've been blessed to share life with.

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