Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Prayer

Father, bless us in brand new ways. Showcase Your generosity as we are faithfully & obediently sacrificial. Create a change in dependency within us that we might rest contentedly in Your provision. Fire Your people up with a contagious vision that spreads to & through our church and community. Create brand new hearts in people that inspire us to step out boldly as leaders in our homes, work, schools, and city. We have no doubts about Your ability to provide for us. May we show our belief in the giving of our resources: time, talent, energy, and finances. Let us care about the things that You care about and work together to correct injustices, alleviate pain, showcase mercy, and be messengers of grace. We will not deny or ignore the divine opportunities to make an impact for Your Kingdom's sake We are Your people and Your Church and we will proclaim our allegiance through our prayers, attitudes, and actions. We pray this boldly as we step forward in faith and we ask all of this in the name of the One who makes it possible and provides life, amen.

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