Monday, January 21, 2013

Better People

Today we pause as a nation to honor a man who continues to influence lives long after his death. We tout his leadership in the civil rights movement, his superior oratory skills, and his unwavering commitment to fulfilling his life's vision. He is a role model with many qualities that should be emulated and most certainly should be honored today throughout our nation.

The legacy of Dr. King doesn't just motivate us to work diligently for equality for all people however. His example also inspires us to be better people. If we follow his lead we will become people who are:
  • fully compassionate
  • imbued with godly vision 
  • dedicated to serving the heavenly King 
  • resolute in our drive & determination
  • working to address the inequalities & injustices of this world 
  • striving tirelessly to fulfill God's vision regardless of the persecution we face
  • confident in the power of the Holy Spirit to produce evidence of faith within us. 
Dr. King worked for cultural change, but also strove to show us all what was possible when we commit our lives to God's calling and pursued it with integrity, determination, and genuine Christian faith.

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