Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clutch Shot

Robert Horry is a retired professional basketball player with seven championship rings. While his career stats are not necessarily Hall of Fame caliber, he has still earned the nickname "Big Shot Rob." This has been given to him because of his ability to make a big shot in clutch moments during the playoffs. He was a very solid player, but it was his ability to step up when it mattered most that earned his reputation.

What about us? Can we be counted on as leaders when it really counts? How do we react when the pressure increases? Will people turn to us in times of crisis and big decisions? I feel confident in saying that Robert Horry would tell us that his legacy didn't develop just because he took the big shot. It came from countless hours of practice and from the confidence his teammates developed in him during the regular season. No less dedication, repetition, and dependability will be required of us before the big moment either. Our families and the organizations we lead will turn to us for the clutch shot when we have exhibited our ability to be counted on in the small things along the way.

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