Friday, January 4, 2013

God Remembers

In the book of Exodus, God's people are being oppressed by the Egyptians and life has become unbearable. It tells us that the people cried out to God, He heard their groaning, and remembered His covenant with their ancestors. It was their faithfulness in turning to Him that brought Him to step into action.

What do we do when our lives seem unbearable? Do we complain about how unfairly we are being treated? Do we point fingers at other people and try to place blame on anyone who enters our radar? How much energy do we waste writing vitriolic posts online? None of these things actually make the situation better. We'd be much better off genuinely & desperately seeking God and allowing Him to do what He sees is best. I can say with authority that God hasn't forgotten His people, but perhaps it's time for us to call on Him with more passion.

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