Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ripple Effect

I remember being a kid and wanting to drop things in the water to see how big of a splash I could make. I would start with small rocks and then look for something larger to throw in. I would wait after throwing it in to see how far the ripple would travel outwards. It either means that I was easily entertained as a child or I understood the principle of the ripple effect in action.  

I was reminded this morning by a good friend that my life has an impact beyond what I consciously see. It was through our conversation that I reflected back on the people that have helped to shape me and those that I have had the opportunity to impact as well. The work that I have been able to do as I invest in other lives is a reflection of the countless number of people who have willingly shaped mine. It isn't one simple ripple, but a cumulative effect of one life on another. It creates a positive influence that is beyond my own ability to fully comprehend or appreciate. Our lives are the sum of these influences & experiences--we need to choose to leverage this for the best possible continued effect on others.

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