Sunday, September 30, 2012

Patient Urgency

I am about to reveal a secret that will shock people-I am not always a patient man. I know this may be a stunning revelation to those that know me, but it's time to get it out in the open. 

My lack of patience isn't necessarily with other people, but with the pace of progress. I want things to happen faster than they do, I want change to take root more quickly than it does, and I desire to see vision implemented more rapidly than normal. It reflects my desire for God's plan to take place, but with my timing.

Operating in faith is trusting in what God is doing, but moving forward as quickly as He allows. This is the example that Jesus set for us as He operated in human form. He was never rushed, but worked (and rested) diligently wherever He was. He maintained a pace of ministry that didn't waste opportunities, but eagerly used each moment to move forward in God's sovereign plan. I want to work with the same focused intensity as Christ, purposefully striving ahead to attain what God has ordained, but finding patience in my trust in His timing. 

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