Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Hit Wonder

When we were on vacation in Florida, I was watching ESPN SportsCenter one morning before heading down to the beach. They mentioned that the Oakland A's had a promotional day at the ballpark for Terry Kiser the actor who starred in the 80's flick, "Weekend at Bernie's." For those unfamiliar with this cinematic classic (tongue-in-cheek here), Kiser played the role of a guy who was dead for 90% of the film. I see that he has done other things in his career, but this one movie was being celebrated over 20 years later at a baseball game.

I was thinking as I watched the highlights from the game how disappointing it must be to only have one remarkable event to celebrate during the past 20 years of life. What would happen today if we had a day honoring the greatest accomplishment(s) in our lives over the past two decades? Would we only be remembered for one act of faith in the distant past? Would our spouses only boast about an event that happened on an anniversary many years ago? Would our children only be able to tell the story of a long passed vacation or special family day?

I would hate to think that my life would be narrowed down to celebrating memories of "that one time" ten years ago. I don't want my life to be a one-hit wonder, but instead a testimony of enduring faith and persevering love for God and my family. That doesn't mean that I will always get it right, but it does reflect a desire to be a constant expression of Christ and striving to make each day count in my relationships.

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