Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turning Point

I wrote yesterday about God's correction in our lives & our need to respond to it quickly. The question each of us has to answer is: What is God specifically asking us to repent of? 
  • Parenting issues (addressing problems instead of ignoring them, investing specifically in their future by doing the hard work of disciplining now)
  • Marriages (honestly & lovingly communicating, adding value to our spouses instead of devaluing them, refusing to participate in emotional or physical infidelity)
  • Finances (borrowing more than we can repay, mortgaging our future for temporary pleasures)
  • Spirituality (putting off prayer/Bible for Facebook time, filling our schedules so that church isn't an option or is the last option)
  • Community (allowing ourselves to take action for those around us in need instead of thinking someone else will step up)
  • Blatant, intentional sin (getting drunk & calling it "blowing off steam", addicted to porn, flirting with people not our spouse, lying to improve our position or "stay out of trouble", choosing physical intimacy outside of God's desire for short-term satisfaction)

We have to develop a desire to identify sin & remove ourselves from it. If someone dropped a hand grenade in our living room we wouldn't get as close to it as possible with our family, but would remove them from harm's way. The same caution must be shown to sin if we want to escape the direct and collateral damage it causes. Our obedience to repentance reveals our willingness to follow Christ.

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