Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep the Change

Metathesiophobia is the fear of change.  It's possible that we fear the process because the results are unknown. Sometimes I would wager that we just don't like the boundaries of our comfort zone being altered. I don't know that most people are actually afraid of change, but I would certainly say that it is something we don't generally like.

As I was mowing this morning, I was thinking about that process of creating change in our personal lives. What type of event does it take before we see change as something positive? What has to happen to us that encourages us to do something different than what we are doing right now? There has to be some shift that takes place that pushes us to do things differently. In a blog I read this week, a fellow pastor stated that our fear of change decreases when our fear of the status quo is greater. For us to have the courage to undergo true transformation there has to be some dissatisfaction with the results we have seen to this point. It is the undercurrent of unhappiness that pushes us to try something different. We are then faced with the choice of staying stagnant and miserable or taking the risk of doing something new and experiencing growth even if the process is difficult and the journey unknown.

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