Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping Pace

I don't find it accidental that I read about the faith of Abraham in Hebrews this morning & also in the Watchman Nee book I am reading. It had me reflecting on Abraham's faith in God's promise to bless him with descendants. When Abraham became impatient, he slept with Hagar to have a son instead of waiting to conceive a child with his wife. I don't think that Abraham doubted God's ability to fulfill His promise, but He obviously had issues with God's timing.

I like to think that I have confidence in God's ability to deliver. The difficult part can often be waiting for God's timing. When we pray and seek vision for growth, development of ministry, and rescue for family, we can become impatient waiting for His response to become evident. We can be tempted to force things and will take risks that are not signs of faith, but instead highlight our doubts.

The greatest challenge in living a faith-filled life can be to maintain the pace that God has set before us. When His timing is right we can be assured of divine deliverance. We shouldn't shortcut the opportunity for spiritual development as we move forward at the pace God has set for us.

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