Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Self Talk

I think most of us have a habit of talking to ourselves at one time or another. It might be when we are looking for something we can't seem to locate, trying to organize things around us, or talking as we try to remember why we went into a room in the first place. While these are not harmful on their own (unless you are in the presence of law enforcement or medical professionals) the concept of self-talk is real and can inflict damage that has a lasting effect.

We develop a habit of self-talk that stems from our life experiences. It is the voice that reinforces our negative characteristics and flaws and holds us back from healthy relationships and self-image. It can also be the whispers of lies that we believe because we have heard them for so long that they start to sound like truth. Neither of these are healthy for us and can poison our value of ourselves and ultimately create dysfunctional relationships with those around us. It's a trap that I have learned to recognize, but not due powerful foresight, but painfully learned hindsight.

The remedy for this malady is found in listening to the true, compassionate voice of our Father. He speaks His unfailing, unconditional love over us. He whispers of His mercies that are new every morning and His grace that is given to cover our sins. It is a spiritual discipline of eliminating all other voices (including our own) so that we can hear what God is waiting to speak.

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