Saturday, August 11, 2012

Front Page News

We struggle for continuity in our relationship with God. When crisis is the dominant theme of our life we are consumed with thoughts of His deliverance. When we are faced with major life decisions and need divine wisdom, God is the leading character in our news story as we seek what He has to offer. It reinforces the statement I have shared with countless people (but did not author): we seek God in desperation or devastation.

Once these moments have passed (although some live in crisis longer than others) we start to push God off the front page. It doesn't happen immediately, but we begin the process of wedging our own agenda into the place we once reserved for God. Eventually we squeeze Him out of the #1 spot and relegate Him to the margins where we feel most comfortable leaving Him until we need rescue or guidance.

It isn't a pretty picture of our relationship with Him and I don't relish admitting that I have done this myself. I've seen the results of selfish, personal desire as the leading story and I can attest that God at the forefront will always lead to better results.

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