Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seems About Right

My wife & I started using a phrase last summer for when things just seem to stay difficult or keep going wrong. Instead of venting or becoming frustrated, we would simply respond, "Seems about right."

Today was that kind of day. What started peacefully with good Bible & prayer time quickly devolved as the day went on. It was a day where everything took twice as long as I had planned and became infinitely more difficult to achieve in the process. Technology seemed to fail to work as it should and I was unable to gain momentum in a good (any) direction with all of the distractions. Before heading home, I chose to move some boxes from one area to another so that I could cross something off of my list--even it was simple.

Some days are just like that. The good intentions of the morning don't always translate to successful productivity at the end of the day. As frustrating as that may be for me personally, it still doesn't change my position with God. There will still be new mercies for me in the morning and a chance to start over. My confidence in God doesn't mean that tomorrow will automatically be more productive or successful, but it does give me some peaceful patience in the middle of days that just "seem about right."

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