Monday, August 6, 2012

An Apparent Contradiction

Isn't it frustrating when you try to do something right and yet fail? It's like setting up a diet & exercise plan that only lasts for three days. It's that old behavioral pattern that you have promised to avoid and yet you're back in it the moment the opportunity arises. It describes that addiction you have worked so hard to control--substances, pornography, work, people-pleasing--and yet it controls you the moment you let your guard down. The frustration increases when it violates the declaration you have made to live your life for Christ. 

When we attempt to make these corrections based solely on our own will power we are only successful for short periods of time. It's why the permanent solution is found in the power of sustainability that is found only in authentic relationship with Christ. He gives us strength to break the pattern of a life of contradiction where we declare allegiance with our mouth yet struggle against the influence of sin.

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