Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bigger Than

Circumstances can sometimes seem overwhelming. Even though it may seem sudden we haven't arrived at this point in our lives instantly, but as a result of our history. This tale of decisions and influences can form a tidal wave that we don't believe we can escape from. It creates a wellspring of hopelessness within us that only forces us deeper into sin, shame, guilt, and repression.

Thankfully there is another way. We can admit our own weakness and allow God to intervene for us. Scriptures tell us that nothing is too hard for Him, that if our God is for us that nothing can stand against us, and that the power of God within us is greater than the power of evil in the world. Prayerfully submitting our lives to God creates a new fountain of hope and pulls back the curtain to allow us a glimpse of victory that is assured when we follow Christ. 

When we are declaring war on the enemy, it's comforting to know that we cannot encounter an attack that is greater than the King we serve.

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