Sunday, August 12, 2012

Get Ready

We started a new series today titled, "Make War." The premise is simple really--we are engaged in a spiritual battle whether we recognize it or not and we will be affected by the skirmishes along the way. To have the best chance of survival & to make an impact for God's army we have to begin to prepare. Pretending that the battle isn't happening doesn't change its reality. We have to take necessary steps to be fully engaged:

  • Actively reading & applying Scripture on a consistent basis
  • Continually praying--not just for our immediate needs, but purposefully asking God to deliver in big ways to rescue & redeem people
  • Finding ways to be active in our community to help the poor & disadvantaged
  • Working actively with schools as they invest in this generation of young leaders
  • Serving in our churches with the greater vision of reaching our entire community for Christ in mind
  • Making it a mission to be a messenger of grace to a community that has only heard a message of condemnation
  • Protecting our marriages & families from influences that threaten our stability and unity
  • Constantly seeking divine wisdom for opportunities to battle on other people's behalf.
The battle is on. Time to get ready, pick a camp, and fight for what's right.

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