Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get Real

I was looking at a blog this morning that was simply pictures from a week of camp hosted in my hometown of Daytona Beach. It was from NewSpring Church's summer camp, "Gauntlet" and the 2600 campers & volunteers that were part of the week. I sat with tears in my eyes watching pictures roll by of young people being baptized in the ocean, engaging in worship, laughing with each other, and sitting under powerful teaching. It inspired me in so many ways to see their reactions to all of their experiences.

I wondered why it impacted me so much until I realized it was because what I was seeing was genuine. There is something about authenticity that is so attractive it stirs up our emotions and engages our curiosity. It is the pull of a magnet that we almost can't describe--a feeling deep within us that makes us want what we are seeing. 

It is the reason that we are struggling to see Christ as the Lord of this city. We have to strip away our carefully constructed facades and admit that we are struggling people who desperately need grace and recognize that it comes through Jesus Christ alone. When we mobilize people who are passionate about this and willing to be honest we will start to see a revival in our city unlike anything this region has witnessed before. Are we willing to be that humble? 

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