Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Real Commitment

Commitment is an interesting word. I think we use it more often than we actually align ourselves with its true meaning. I know I’ve watered it down in my own life depending on the circumstances around me. Many of us have turned it from a word signifying our resolute pledge to endure into something that can be altered or broken whenever it suits us.

How do we determine our level of commitment? It’s going to be revealed in our adherence to physical, spiritual, and relationship principles through uneven times. Are you willing to run in hot weather, high humidity, and sore muscles? Are you going to choose the healthy option for eating even if other foods sit untouched in front of you? Are you committed to your marriage no matter how encouraging or flirtatious someone else might be? Will you persevere through obstacles seemingly preventing you from reaching your goals? Are you committed to your church even if you don’t agree with everything that is happening? Are you committed to following Christ even when your prayers don’t seem to be answered and you feel lost and confused?

The depth of our commitment is rarely seen on the smooth portions of the road. it’s only when we encounter obstacles and rough passage that we find out where are real allegiance lies. Decide what you are truly committed to and be ready to stick with it when it isn’t easy. This is the difference in true dedication and convenience.

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