Friday, August 21, 2015

Good Words

This week I had a few people compliment me on my continuing physical transformation as I approach a year of lifestyle change. Even though this is now a regular part of my life the encouraging comments from others helps me stay focused. It was part of my motivation today for not taking a day off, but doing some form of exercise to maintain my progress. It's amazing how even small, positive statements can help us stay on track.

There is great power in being encouraged and appreciated. Our self esteem increases when we are affirmed and are made to feel valued. When our efforts are noticed it builds confidence and helps create a sharper focus on beneficial behaviors. I like to think that I am intrinsically motivated, but I also understand how extrinsic affirmation motivates me as well. I need a blending of both to keep moving and I think most people do too. My own appreciation for these comments should spur me to provide the same encouragement to people around me. 

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