Saturday, February 28, 2015

(Trying To) Wave the Flag

Each month on the last Saturday our church invites men to get together for breakfast and a chance to grow. There are no strings attached as it is simply a place to be part of community, hear a teaching intended to help men mature, and engage in conversation around a table. I always tell guys if they get nothing else from the experience at least they will eat a great meal for $2.

This morning we talked about the tough topic of surrender and how we are called to live a life that is increasingly surrendered to the call of Christ. This is admittedly not easy for most people, but part of the nature of men can make it even more difficult. Our stubbornness can inhibit our willingness to submit to God's authority. Our pride can build up enough resistance and prevent us from choosing God's path even if it's clearly the better option. Surrender is not a one time decision either, but must be a consistent part of our journey of faith.

I will admit my own struggles with the practice of surrender. I recognize that God's way is more perfect than mine and yet still have difficulties with following Him completely. I won't always get it right (who ever does?) but hope that my continual awareness and intention of surrender will lead me right where I need to be. As I decrease my level of control in my life, He must increase. It's the only way I can be assured of ending up where I belong.

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