Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Owning It

I wrote yesterday about the ill-fated decision of the Seahawks that cost them their second consecutive title. While that choice is still being ripped to shreds by many I have to give Head Coach Pete Carroll credit for standing tall. He didn't try to pass the blame off any his players or assistant coaches. Pete quickly took credit for the decision and accepted any responsibility that comes with it.

This is what good leaders do. They don't try to place the blame on others around them or avoid any responsibility for their poor choices. As difficult as it may be, they step up to receive the negative criticism and admit their contribution to the mess. This type of transparency builds respect with the team you work with and strengthens loyalty. Any other response would erode those relationships and weaken the foundation of the team.

As a leader you won't always make the right decision, but you can always choose to take responsibility for your choices.

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