Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Facing the Right Way

I talk with my girls quite frequently about our personal attitudes and how they affect everything around us. They determine the relationship status of our friends and family while also coloring our view on what happens to us. The circumstances of our day and the words and actions of others can quickly derail us if our attitude isn't in the right place. It can either cause us to react poorly or to patiently breathe through adversity while finding peace and understanding.

It isn't always easy to maintain a positive attitude. As much as I share that truth with my lovely ladies, I don't always practice it myself. Part of it is a reflection of my lack of consistent focus. When I neglect to keep the guardrails up on my attitude it tends to slide off the road and cause damage. It's only through careful monitoring and an effort to stay on the path that it's possible to stay in between the lines of positivity.

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