Friday, January 17, 2014

Shared Investment

I had a great conversation with a good friend this morning. We connect on a regular basis and share life together via the convenience of FaceTime. We talk about our personal lives, our passion & vision for ministry, and seeking God's will for our future. We are able to provide accountability, encouragement, and prayer for each other as we both try to stay focused on what matters most and how to stay under God's blessing. It's a very important relationship for us both as we see how God brought us together and formed a friendship that is pushing us to grow closer to Christ.

As we share in this journey of life we are able to impact each other in very positive ways. I don't devalue the opportunity that I have each day to influence my family, but I am also grateful for the people that God brings into my life for the sake of impact as well. Not only do I have a chance to make a difference in their life, but they are also helping to shape me. I find deep satisfaction in this process of sharing and can see how hundreds of people have been part of the forging of my character. I find equal satisfaction pleasure in seeing how my life has helped others as well. Working together in a mutually invested community that cares deeply for each other is the way that God intended for us to thrive.

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