Monday, January 20, 2014

Be Brave

A friend of mine used the word "brave" to describe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today. While I am in complete agreement, I will admit that it isn't the first word that I think of to describe him even though it should be. While Dr. King was a passionate Christ follower who desired equality for all people, it certainly took a substantial amount of courage to stand so firmly in the face of adversity. His continuing example of fortitude can be seen in many different people:
  • A single mother who works multiple jobs amidst personal sacrifice to provide for her children
  • A couple who has just received a cancer diagnosis and begins the process of treatment and recovery
  • A teacher who spends personal money to help her students when they don't have the resources to help themselves
  • Pastors & churches willing to forge a partnership to reach a community regardless of differences in worship style and ethnic background
  • Friends that are willing to speak the truth in love even when that truth is hard to receive
  • Those that are unwilling to accept injustice as "that's the way it's always been here" and strive to do something about it
  • A recent widower who chooses to use his time to invest in local schoolchildren
  • A young man who seeks out a positive role model when he hasn't had one to follow in his own family
  • Parents that pray fervently for their children and strive to teach them how to choose to follow God's path for their own lives when the rest of the world doesn't always understand their decisions
  • Pursuing change for the sake of righting wrongs even if it makes key influential people uncomfortable
  • A church that reacts with genuine compassion for the LGBT community, victims of domestic violence, drug addicts, the poor, and those that are incapable of helping themselves
  • People who give up the comforts of home to serve in the mission field--both domestically & internationally.
Modeling bravery and doing the right thing are very closely associated with each other. They combine to create a legacy that is God-honoring and worthy of being followed. I am grateful for Dr. King and others whose names we will never know that we were willing to live a life of courage.

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