Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Counting Down

I think about the fact that Jesus had a radical effect on the world during His earthly ministry and managed to accomplish that in only three years. He obviously had the benefit of divine insight, but that only led Him to carefully leverage every moment that He had over that three year period. He didn't waste opportunities or conversations, but was intentional in everything that He did.

I don't have that same insight, but I wonder how differently I would act if I knew that I only had three years:

  • To build a successful church
  • Set up financial security
  • Leave a legacy as a parent
  • Solidify my healthy marriage
  • Impact family/friends who aren't following Christ
  • Influence a community

What if you only had three years to create a lasting legacy for your family and community? What would we have to change right now to have that sense of urgency and focus? Imagine how much greater our impact would be if we emphasized the value of each moment instead of letting them pass us by.

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