Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pathway Predicament

Those who do not conform will one day realize that the path of doing the right thing has diverged from the path of success, and then they must decide which path they will follow through life. Robert Coram

There will be moments in our life when we are faced with a crucial, character-shaping decision. It will be an opportunity to betray our values for a chance at success or the satisfaction of a base desire. In that moment we will determine whether or not we will sacrifice our character for advancement, temporary pleasure, or ill-gotten gain. The pathway we choose will reveal the depth of our integrity and what we hold to be most important. While we can eventually recover from the effects of a poor choice, the process of rebuilding our reputation can take longer than the perceived benefit of our immediate reaction.

It helps if we know the quality of person we want to become and keep our vision fixed on choosing the pathway that leads in that direction. Don't allow the moment to overwhelm the path to your preferred future.

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