Friday, September 20, 2013

Search Engine

When we've lost something our natural instinct is to look for it until we find it or become so frustrated that we give up. Our urgency in searching is fueled by our need to locate the object, our indomitable will, and the
value we attach to what we seek. If your child lost a quarter in a pile of leaves you would not expend inordinate effort in trying to find that exact quarter. However, if you misplace a family heirloom in the attic you would lose sleep until you were able to find it again. The urgency with which we seek a lost item is directly proportionate to the value we place on it.

We don't only search for lost personal items, but also for abstract things like truth, validation, purpose, healing, and restoration. These are usually more difficult to find and require greater persistence in our efforts which reveals their personal importance. If it really matters to us then we won't give up easily.

Do you know what matters to you? What answers are you willing to diligently search for? What solutions for your family and your future are you investing in? What spiritual truths do you need to discover? How can you find personal and relationship healing from past brokenness?

These are all things that are worth the investment of energy and attention to find. Don't give up before you do.

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