Friday, September 13, 2013

All In

I struggle with the idea of doing things half way. I believe that if you commit to doing something that you
should attack it with full intensity and focus. It's the only way to ensure that things get done and are done with excellence. Unfortunately, I don't always apply this attitude to the right things and can find myself throwing that energy into something unproductive, distracting, and sometimes destructive. The missing ingredient to the formula for productive maturity is discipline.

When I am driven to see positive results I am more disciplined in my approach. This rigid, directed energy may start in one area of my life (ie. diet & exercise) but quickly influences other parts of my life as well. I recognize that I need to maintain this discipline in all areas of my life or I will find that I have it in no parts of my life. Not only does it help me achieve my goals, it makes me a better Christ-follower, husband, father and pastor.

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