Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today was a completely packed Sunday with challenges, rewards, and satisfaction throughout the
day. At the end of it I was able to take my youngest daughter, Olivia, out on a daddy-daughter coffee date. I have blogged about these dates before, but today ended up being far more than I anticipated.

I always value the one-on-one time we have on these coffee dates and hope they might lead to in-depth conversation along the way. I will admit that I was extremely tired from a poor night of rest and high level of energy expenditure. It can be difficult to gauge the mood of a 13 year old girl sometimes (at least that's what I have read somewhere) and I wasn't entirely sure how things would progress as we talked. While we started talking about simple superficial things the avenues for depth quickly opened up and we found real common ground and honest communication. There were moments in this conversation where she was completely genuine about her emotions and perceptions without fear of rejection or judgment. I was able to quietly interject nudging thoughts along the way that hopefully helped her see other viewpoints and possibilities. We were able to laugh at ourselves and our weaknesses a bit and talk about ways for both of us to continue to grow. There was a powerful depth and a genuine, simple, loving connection between us. It was a fantastic end to a good day and reminded me again of how much I love being a father to these three phenomenal girls.

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